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From idea to execution, I try and put my all into each and every project I am a part of.


Software Engineering Intern

Biomotivate is a Pittsburgh-based company creating motivational technology to analyze behavioral risk trends with proactive frameworks. They were one of the winners of the 2019 National Institute on Drug Abuse/NIH "Start a Substance Use Disorder Startup" competition.



Head Programmer

Sbeve is a 3d exploration game where you are a robot trying to find your creator. To achieve this feat you mine underground through destructible terrain and collect different artifacts and jewels to help buy upgrades and bring you closer to trying to achieve your goal. This game uses marching squares algorithm for the terrain destruction and A* for the AI. 


University Blood Initiative

Website Developer

The University Blood Initiative (UBI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating local blood shortages. I have worked on this company near its conception in which I built the website that I currently maintain.

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